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photos of children for adoption

Every child deserves
a loving family.

We are a child adoption agency based in Singapore. Our mission is to change the lives of the people in the adoption for the better.

We do understand that one of our client’s concerns is adopting a healthy baby. We have a very rigorous screening process, so that only the most healthy babies would be recommended to our clients.

Our Services

Unplanned pregnancy
We can help you!

If you’re pregnant and not sure what to do, you may have questions and concerns: What choices do I have? Who can help me? How do I plan for my child’s future? We are here to help.

Useful information
and recent news.

How do I tackle the Home Study Report?

singapore child adoption, adopt internationally What is a home study report? A Home Study Report or HSR is a mandatory report for those who want to adopt internationally. It consists of information inputs from adoptors, office interviews and home visits. It requires you to disclose information about your medical records, financial situation, and ciminal backgrounds, as well as details your…

Adoption Leave in Singapore

singapore child adoption, adoption leave singapore, adoption leave application How long is Adoption Leave, and is it applicable to daddy as well? Different companies have varying policies, but the basic Adoption Leave is set and paid by the government. Companies have to at least allow the government-paid Adoption Leave as follows: – The adoption leave is only applicable to working or…

How to talk about your decision to adopt to your relatives and friends?

Most of us who adopt spent years contemplating the decision to adopt. But some expect our families to be completely supportive of that decision immediately. We forget that we may have struggled ourselves with questions about whether or not to adopt; what age of child to adopt; what sex; or what race…. So we should give our families time to…


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