Foreigners who meet the requirements can legalize their adoptions in Singapore. They need to obtain a HSR in Singapore to be able to adopt a non-Singaporean child. Letters of support from the Embassy are needed for you to apply for a HSR. Your country must support and recognize the adoption. Basically, once foreign adoption is completed in Singapore, your country must recognize the child as a full member of the adoptive family, and the child is treated in the same manner as all other children of a legally constituted family in your home country.

The Ministry of Social and Family Development requires a letter of support from foreigners who intend to adopt foreign children in Singapore (without legalizing the adoption in the child’s country of origin). This letter of support can be issued by the Embassy/ High Commission or any relevant authority of the prospective adopters’ country.

This letter is to be presented to the HSR agency, who will get clearance from MSF to proceed with the HSR procedure. This is the most important step for foreign adoptive parents. Once this is done, you can proceed to get the HSR and approach agencies to identify a child.

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  • Pauline
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    Hi im interested in adopting a baby for myself and my husband. May i ask whats the procedure and fees ?


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