Singaporean couples can adopt babies from Singapore, Vietnam and Malaysia, Cambodia, and Indonesia. If you are adopting a Singaporean child, there is no need to do a Home Study report. But Singaporean child is hard to come by, that’s why most Singaporean couples adopt a child from another country. The followings summarize the adoption steps for Singaporean couples: how to adopt a foreign child:

#1: Sign up for the compulsory Pre-adoption briefing workshop
If you have any uncertainty about adopting, this workshop will help you to better understand what to expect in an adoption, your responsibilities as adoptive parents and the needs of an adopted child. It also gives you an understanding on the procedures and timeline of the adoption process, so you can make a plan for your adoption journey, so that it suits your work and family commitments.

Pre-adoption Briefing is a 2.5 hour workshop that is conducted by any of 4 family service centers accredited by MSF. You can register for a workshop at the following website:

Sign up via this link:

Once you have attended the workshop and have decided to proceed, you are ready for the next step.

#2: Apply for Home Study
Home Study is a compulsory study required by MSF (Ministry of Social and Family Development). They are carried out by one of the accredited agencies of your choice:

– Touch Family Services
– Lutheran Community Care
– Fei Yue Community Services
– Apkim Centre for Social Services

Each agency has their own waiting period according to the amount of cases they have on hand. You should call each agency to ask if they are having a long queue. So far, our customers who did their HSRs with Lutheran Community Care seem to have the shortest waiting time.

You can submit your online application via this link:

#4: Submit hardcopy documents to agency
There is a checklist of documents you will need to prepare at the end of the form. Print out the checklist and be sure to get them ready. Once ready, submit the hardcopy of all the documents to the agency, and await your first interview. There is a long list of documents that you have to submit, and having the complete set of documents during your first submission will significantly reduce the processing time, as most redundant time is spent going back and forth for the missing documents.

#5: Start of Home Study
The Home Study is done over a period of about five weeks from the day the first interview starts. The first interview is typically an office interview with someone from the agency. It will usually take an entire day so do keep the day free.

There’s a payment of $1,500 and this amount may vary according to the agency.

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#6: Sign up for Disclosure Workshop
Around this time, you should start to sign up for the next Disclosure Workshop. This workshop is usually held by adoptive parents who share their experiences and advise others on how to disclose to your adoptive child about their birth.

Sign up via this link:

#7: Written interview of a selected friend and family member
Some of your family members and friends will receive a letter in their mailbox. They are required to answer the questions in the letter and mail it back as soon as possible as their response time will affect and may delay the completion of your Home Study.

#8: Home interview
This is where the agency will send someone to interview you in your home, to assess the environment and the people living in the home. When all these are done, you will then have to wait for the final report.

#9: Collect Home Study Report
This is important because you cannot already have a child living with you without this report. It is illegal.

#10: Look for placement agency
Talk to the people you meet in the workshops. Some may have successfully gone through the child adoption process and can advise on agency matters and more. There are online forums you can participate in where other adoptive parents will share their experience and advice on choosing the right local or foreign adoption agency.

We are always willing to assist you with any questions regarding child adoption in Singapore. Please do not hesitate to give us a call (+65) 90680573 or drop us an email to


  • Jegadesan Karapayah
    Posted January 4, 2019 11:31 am 0Likes

    Hi My name is Jegadesan. Me and my wife adopted a child from Malaysia. I’m Singaporean and my wife is a PR.
    We already got the court order from Malaysia, and waiting for the birth certificate for our child. We went to the ICA for my child extension to stay with us in Singapore. But the officer told us to confirm with MSF,that we don’t have to go through MSF for our child adoption in Singapore. Please kindly advice us.

    • John Nguyen
      Posted January 4, 2019 8:25 pm 0Likes

      Hi Jegadesan,

      You don’t have to go through the adoption procedure in Singapore, since you have done the same in Malaysia. You will need to apply for baby’s PR first, since he/she is tagged to the mother (your wife). After baby is given PR, you can apply citizenship for your baby. You can only sponsor for her citizenship unless the adoption is legalized in Singapore.

      Good luck!

      John Nguyen

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