Adoption Leave in Singapore

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  1. How long is Adoption Leave, and is it applicable to daddy as well?

Different companies have varying policies, but the basic Adoption Leave is set and paid by the government. Companies have to at least allow the government-paid Adoption Leave as follows:

– The adoption leave is only applicable to working or self-employed mothers. 4 weeks of government-paid leave is granted with the intention for mommies to bond with the babies. That means you’ll get 20 days of leave, taking into account Saturdays and Sundays.

– Paternity Leave applies for daddy. This means daddy gets the same leave as if the child is a biological child. Paternity Leave is a 2 weeks government-paid leave.

On top of this government-paid leave, your company might have adoption leave policies that go the extra miles. I have seen companies giving a generous 16 weeks adoption leave for mommies. Talk to your HR to understand what additional benefits they might have for you.

  1. Who can take for Adoption Leave:

           At least one party in the involved in adoption must be a Singaporean. If the child is not a Singaporean, at least one adoptive parent must be a Singaporean. Also;

     – The child adopted is less than 12 months old.

     – Adoptive parents have worked with the employer continuously for at least 3 months before applying for adoption leave

  1. How can I apply for adoption leave?

You must submit to your HR department the “intent to adopt”. The Dependent’s Pass issued by MSF is the legal “intent to adopt”. Therefore the DP is sufficient for your Adoption Leave Application. But the reality is HR departments are not very familiar with Adoption leave (there are much less Adoption Leaves applications than Maternity Leave applications). Therefore many HR departments still request for the “Adoption Order”, which won’t be available 6 months after the Dependent’s Pass is approved. So you would have to explain to your HR that the Dependent’s Pass is the legal “intent to adopt”, which is the government’s requirement. You can do the followings:

– Refer your HR to the MOM’s website on adoption leave.

– Engage MOM to seek their help in clarifying that the Dependent’s Pass suffice as an “intent to adopt”.

– If your HR is not satisfied, you can instruct your adoption lawyer to send you the Family Court Adoption Filing Paper. Upon receiving DP, your adoption lawyer will file the adoption application with the Family Court, and they will be given by the Court a paper with case number, and with your names as the applicants.

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