We are blessed that all children put up to our agency are placed. It is very fulfilling for us to see these children growing up in caring families who love them dearly. It is what keeps us moving until now despites the fact that less kids are up for adoption at the present time. We always try our best to make our clients’ dreams of adopting a baby from Malaysia or Vietnam come true.

We have a fair share of baby girls up for adoption, as well as baby boys. All our profiles of children waiting for adoption are carefully screened before being presented to our clients. This is very important for our clients, since they are engaging in international child adoption.

A 100% success rate does not mean our babies are perfect. It means making adoptive parents and birth parents feel assured through our credibility and transparency.

We are always willing to assist you with any questions regarding child adoption in Singapore. Please do not hesitate to give us a call (+65) 90680573 or drop us an email to singaporeadoptionagency@yahoo.com.sg.

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